The Berlin International Economics Congress
"Global Trends in Creative Economies: Education, Entrepreneurship and Tourism as Drivers of Sustainable Economic Growth"
(Berlin; March 5th - 7th, 2014 – Held Parallel to the Famous Berlin Tourism Trade Fair)

The onset of the global financial crisis has prompted the emergence of creative economies as an attractive and potentially more viable alternative to classical growth strategies. The increasing importance given to the cultivation of these creative industries on a global scale relies on a novel approach to economic development, one which adopts a more dynamic and human-centered framework. The components of creative economies, such as Green Industries, new media, performing arts, heritage, design and creative services are beginning to form integral parts of the global economy, allowing for the exploration of innovative resources, which are accessible to developing and developed countries alike.

Promising to generate sustainable economic growth through the creation of jobs and the innovation of trade, creative industries can simultaneously occupy a central role in promoting and maintaining cultural diversity, social inclusion and environmental sustainability. The effects are thus two-fold, delivering both economic and socio-cultural benefits.

Creative industries are also redefining the education system and the tourism industry. This is reflected for example in the on-going shift from traditional leisure-based tourism to more dynamic forms, such as cultural, educational and ecological tourism. This diversification of the tourism sector enriches the local, regional and the international economy through its use of creative goods and services and represents an alternative to the domestic, goods-based economy.

Conference Agenda
The Berlin International Economics Congress 2014 seeks to explore and analyze the myriad of opportunities offered by the nurturing of creative industries, while integrating tools of Cultural Diplomacy into the creation and implementation of joint strategies of sustainable economic development.
The Conference will focus in particular on the following issues:
• Creative Industries in the Context of Globalization
• Global Trends in Creative Economies
• Engaging Developing Countries in the Creative Economy for Sustainable Development
• Contemporary Trends in the Tourism Sector
• Tourism as a Tool for Sustainable Economic Growth
• The Role of Cultural Diplomacy in Culture-based Economic Development
• Opportunities & Challenges facing Creative Industries
Summit Locations
Based in Berlin, the conference will be hosted at a number of important political, historic, and cultural locations across the city.

Summit Participation
Participation in the conference is open to governmental & diplomatic officials, academics, artists, journalists, civil society practitioners, private sector representatives, young professionals and students as well as other interested individuals from across the world.

Participant Papers
The Conference Committee encourages academic research and analysis of issues related to the goals of the Conference. The Conference Committee would therefore like to welcome the participants of the conference to submit a paper they would like to be considered for presentation at the conference as well as being included in the proposal document that will be issued following the conference and will be sent to all governments and leaders of the international community worldwide.

Certificate of Attendance - All conference participants will be awarded an official certificate of attendance upon completion of the program, which will provide details of the speakers who took part and the topics discussed. Each certificate will be signed by members of the Conference Committee.

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